Day 5 — 10 songs you love RIGHT NOW

Yay… Even though I am a day behind on this one, this is an easy one for me.  I pretty much listen to the same songs over and over again… Then I switch to a new group of songs.  Right now currently, my favs are:

1. Til I Collapse —– Eminem (this is my current favorite song to put on when I am really hitting a rough patch during my runs.. Have a feeling I will be listening to it a lot in Disney)

2. Heartfelt Lies —- Ron Pope

3. Drop in the Ocean —- Ron Pope

4. Here —- Alessia Cara

5. Never say Never —- The Fray

6. You and I —- Stevie Wonder

7. Lay me Down —- Sam Smith

8. I See Fire —- Ed Sheeran

9.  Soldier —- Gavin Degraw

10. Like I’m Gonna Lose You —- Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend


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